Why Integrating Information Systems is Critical to Your Recurring Support Contract Business

We all realize that Enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, and accounting are complex systems. Now add the revenue generating applications of contract management to the mix. Complicated? Companies are baffled by the layers of complexity needed to successfully generate revenue from a variety of independent applications. Because of the manual mechanics required to integrate information from[...]

Why Most Companies Fail to Meet Their Service Revenue Potential

The message surrounding the importance of building recurring revenues around service contract management and maintenance has been repeated so often that many have become numb to the opportunity. The reality is most manufacturers, distributors, and resellers understand the importance, but don’t know how to maximize their service revenue potential. The obstacles are most often very formidable.

5 Ways Complexity Might Be Affecting Your Service Revenues

Today’s technology manufacturers setting out to optimize management and tracking of their service delivery lifecycles are confronted with many challenges. For most, the complex nature of the service delivery ecosystem is the hardest to overcome.  Global supply chain networks, disparate data sources, fragmented systems, and high volume and varieties of contract data each create a barrier to an [...]

Disruptive Technology and Enhancing the Customer Experience

What is meant by disruptive technology?

Cisco CEO, John Chambers, has a message for the business world. Disrupt yourself or risk being disrupted by the competition. The speed of change is a key message in today’s world. Even the most powerful company in the world knows they have to move dramatically or risk getting left behind. Changes start with companies being more agile and more willing to[...]

The Case for Adopting a SaaS Application

SaaS vs. Build it Yourself (BIY)

Industry analyst Forrester Research notes that while SaaS adoption has so far been concentrated mostly in human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration software (e.g., email), and procurement solutions - it is poised to widen.

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