Everything Starts With The Blueprint: The Importance of a Blueprint When Architecting an Enterprise-Level IT Solution

By George Woods, Senior Director of Program Management Operations

MMI Turns 10: How We've Leveraged Our Expertise to Become Leaders in Recurring Revenue Management

2017 marks a significant milestone for Managed Maintenance – our 10th year in business helping the IT channel maximize its recurring revenues and better serve customers.

The Key to Being Awesome at Managing Your Service Renewals: The Importance of a Customer-Facing Portal

How can providing a customer-facing portal make it easier for your customers to do business with you?

Consumer expectations are not what they once were.  Whether buying a house, a car, or a service contract, your customers want the process to be intuitive, accessible, and hassle-free. As technology continues to advance and innovations are developed so do the expectations of your customers. [...]

The Key to Being Awesome at Managing Your Service Renewals: Automation is Vital

Tracking Challenges Today - Warranty and Maintenance Service Contract Data

Complex, Fragmented Data

With such huge revenue and customer satisfaction potential on the line, why are the majority of channel partners not tracking warranty and maintenance service contract data and re-engaging existing clients? Some simply do not recognize the opportunity. An individual maintenance renewal worth $3,000 may hardly seem worth pursuing compared to a new-customer hardware[...]

Finding and Implementing the Right Contract Management Solution for Your Business

Whether you are a VAR, VAD or manufacturer, the first step in implementing a contract management solution is uncovering the contract data within your company and organizing it in a useful way. This discovery process can be handled internally or outsourced to a consulting company such as Managed Maintenance, Inc. It is imperative that this task be executed by a team that is knowledgeable about[...]

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