Finding and Implementing the Right Contract Management Solution for Your Business

Whether you are a VAR, VAD or manufacturer, the first step in implementing a contract management solution is uncovering the contract data within your company and organizing it in a useful way. This discovery process can be handled internally or outsourced to a consulting company such as Managed Maintenance, Inc. It is imperative that this task be executed by a team that is knowledgeable about[...]


IBM believes the largest impediment in the channel to grow sales is lack of automation and tedious processes required throughout the sales cycle. With that in mind, an effort to remove these obstructions and in support of IBM’s 2013 initiative of “Building Resilient Infrastructures and Transforming Operations to Maintenance and Services Sales”, MMI has developed an online proactive sales[...]

Managed Maintenance Introduces Two New Product Offerings to Assist IBM Sales Teams in Growing & Managing Their Accounts

Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI) announces the addition of two new programs to their suite of offerings; both tailored for IBM: The IBM Revenue Identification Program (RI) and IBM Software Licensing Review and Management Program.  With these two new additions, MMI seeks to further assist  IBM sales teams by dramatically cutting their work load pertaining to data mining and opportunity[...]

IBM Business Partners: How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition and Lock in Your Clients

MMI recently announced it will be hosting a four part webinar series, the first of which ran on March 21st and successfully reached the goal of educating our business partner community on how to maximize revenue streams through your maintenance business.

Looking to Keep Revenues Up – The Case for IBM Service Elite Contracts

Resellers in today’s marketplace are facing a decline in sales revenue. In the present economic environment, many companies are cutting back on cost by holding off on new purchases. Also, as technology advances and better machines become available, businesses’ need to spend less money on their hardware and software purchases. The new equipment is more powerful, with larger storage capacity,[...]

Benefits of Selling IBM Prepaid Maintenance on a Lease

Service Maintenance Contracts are an important component of a Reseller's revenue stream. Protecting your customers' leased hardware is just as critical as servicing the equipment they own. With a multi year IBM prepaid maintenance contract, which can be financed through IBM Global Financing (IGF), you can offer your clients such protection.

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