MMI Turns 10: How We've Leveraged Our Expertise to Become Leaders in Recurring Revenue Management


2017 marks a significant milestone for Managed Maintenance – our 10th year in business helping the IT channel maximize its recurring revenues and better serve customers.

It’s been thrilling to watch our company grow over the last decade. What began as a humble six-person shop (spun off from Champion Solutions Group, an IBM Business Partner) has flourished into an organization with analysts, developers and project managers around the world. In an industry renowned for its employee churn, I’m proud to say that many of our employees have been with us since the beginning.

Getting where we are today has been a testament not only to our team, but our ability to keep up with an evolving industry. In a matter of years, we’ve witnessed and adapted to the commoditization of hardware, the rise of enterprise software (plus the license and compliance complexity that stems from it), and the explosion of SaaS subscription models.

We haven’t thrived over the past decade because we began as a software company. Rather, we’ve been able to roll with the changes, growing intentionally and strategically from a support contract services business to a SaaS provider in our own right.

What Sets Us Apart

Managed Maintenance’s track record and future longevity is the sum of multiple parts, from our people and solutions to our deep-rooted industry knowledge. This is the trifecta that has allowed us to stay ahead of our clients’ needs, and the competition:

  • Our flexible product: When we set out to build ONEview – our cloud-based, end-to-end platform for simplifying IT provider contract management, quoting and billing – we made a deliberate choice. Rather than develop a one-size-fits all solution, we committed to create a core product that could be customized to any client’s unique business, data or customer needs. We understand the nuances that underlie each link in the IT channel, from manufacturers and distributors to resellers and end users, and produced a solution that can be tailored for each.
  • Our business expertise: Developing ONEview wasn’t in Managed Maintenance’s original plan; instead, it was a response to market demand. Our team’s combined decades of experience in IT channel sales and contract management best practices have given us the ability to create solutions that alleviate technology organizations’ most pressing current and future business problems. That specialization is on display not only in our product strategy, but also in our approach to client service. With each new engagement, we become fully immersed in our client’s business – having conversations with technical leaders as well as operations teams, financial officers and the C-suite to understand their contract management needs, concerns and objectives. Given our background, we do more than listen; we ask the right questions to pinpoint the root business challenges or gaps clients have yet to consider.
  • Our people: For the last 10 years (and for many to come), our team has been the key to our company’s and our clients’ success. Everyone at Managed Maintenance is committed to becoming experts in the service contract and revenue management space. As part of our onboarding process, all business analysts, project managers and even marketing staff are tasked with managing IT contracts to get a first-hand look at what we do for clients. From a technical perspective, our developers and product leads follow an agile approach, letting us push product updates faster and deliver custom client implementations on an accelerated timeline. This dual-commitment to learning and efficiency means clients see results – i.e., revenue growth, client retention, cost-savings – sooner rather than later.

Anyone who’s spent time in the IT industry knows that, for businesses and customers, the only constant is change. At Managed Maintenance, we’re always prepared to tackle the next shift in technology sales and revenue management – and help our clients do the same.

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