How Strategic Resourcing Around Your Maintenance Program Can Help Channel Organizations Stay Ahead

As sales teams across the IT channel are tasked with doing more with less, there are a number drawbacks that inevitably arise: Service renewals fall through the cracks, attention gets paid to only a segment of a company’s overall client base, and pursuing new business gets placed on the back burner. This can be a major setback for businesses eager to tap into existing business opportunity and build a healthy pipeline of recurring revenues. For those organizations unable to invest in additional headcount and renewal management systems, there are alternatives.

Many leading IT providers are partnering with outsourcing partners, like Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI), to help them increase sales effectiveness, capture more service renewal revenues and build lasting ties with existing customers by augmenting their existing staff. Maintenance outsourcing programs give current staff time to focus on key accounts, while still allowing for maximum coverage throughout the customer base. 

Selling service renewals is a process that often requires strategy and planning, but when executed properly, can provide great financial reward. Service renewals give businesses the potential to capitalize on the investment made at the first sale of service. To accomplish this, IT organizations need a smart, data-driven strategy for handling contract management and renewing maintenance and support. IT channel organizations (from manufacturers to resellers) that invest in the necessary people, process, and technology, will inevitably come out on top by choosing to be innovative when others are simply too overburdened. Utilizing staff augmentation services, like MMI’s SIGNATUREelite program. allows companies to benefit from tools and expertise designed specifically to assist IT providers in the renewal sale 



Outsourced maintenance solutions enhance the agility of existing sales teams while providing a much higher level of service to the customer. Such programs offer a holistic solution that allows a company to outsource some or all of its sales functions by bringing on a team of industry experts to handle everything from contract renewals and maintenance to full-on account management. These services typically result in better overall account penetration and a much more efficient sales team.

How outsourced maintenance solutions give companies an edge

An outsourced maintenance program brings obvious and immediate benefits, like enabling sales teams to focus on selling while freeing them up from some of the more tedious parts of the contract management lifecycle.

But companies who choose the right maintenance outsourcing program will see the advantages extend even further, with everyone from sales teams to an organization's customers reaping the benefits.

  • A view beyond the sale: Outsourcing your maintenance to the experts ensures the customer relationship extends well beyond the contract sale. Just like a traditional sales team, outsourcing to a provider will enable your teams in the identification of upsell and cross-sell opportunities and allows for complementary services to be offered along the supply chain. And, with programs that offer “pay-for-performance” models, organizations are only billed for services when they are successful, leading to a winning formula for all parties.
  • Data-enhanced marketing: Programs like MMI's SIGNATUREelite can also help accelerate an organization’s marketing efforts through providing smarter insights into data. For manufacturers, this means getting an accurate, clear understanding of current renewal opportunities, associated sales data, and customer buying patterns. The services even include target-market messages that support strategic initiatives and sales goals.
  • A more automated approach: An outsourced maintenance program can also take some of the human element out of sales, allowing teams to more aggressively pursue the new opportunities and emerging markets that will keep their company ahead. MMI accomplishes this by offering proactive automated notifications to clients based on actionable data. This means warranty expirations and other easy renewals falling through the cracks become a thing of the past.
  • Industry experience to help sales teams grow: As sales teams pursue new industry clients and technology, they are sometimes wading into unfamiliar waters. MMI’s outsourcing program is staffed with dedicated professionals with more than a century’s worth of knowledge in maintenance renewal and sales, and can help an existing internal sales team get up to speed and learn through osmosis as they sell in new areas.

As new market opportunities and disruptive technologies continue to emerge at an ever-accelerating rate, companies that are able to be more agile and responsive in their sales process ultimately win. An investment in a strategic resourcing program that handles the renewals and maintenance contracts is a sound strategy, and one that will pay dividends in the end.

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