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    The Holy Grail of Customer Engagement & MMI’s ONEview at the Center of Your Current Customer Growth.

    November 17, 2014

    Close your eyes: Imagine having a single view ofIT Contract Renewals every asset in your company and throughout your channel at your fingertips. Now imagine you can leverage that data to create a differentiated and seamless user experience.

    The new buzz on the street is all about the need for an Omni-channel approach to engaging customers. Companies want to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels and touch points to customers, whether it is an in-person interaction at a store, a mobile device interaction, a phone call, a tweet, or an email. To find the Holy Grail of customer engagement we look to The Channel-less Experience.

    As current customers interact with your company, they want a single view of the assets purchased with you. The products and services, their contracts and warranties, and a consistent experience with your brand as they continue to grow with you and learn about your offerings, make a decision to purchase, and seek support after the initial sale. They don’t see these touch points as channels; for them it is a channel-less experience that is a series of interactions.

    As a company, whether you have a B2C or B2B model, you want to enable that channel-less experience by creating a seamless integration through all touch points in your customer’s journey, from marketing to sales to service. But if your company is like many, your marketing, sales, and service functions are largely separate, with isolated systems and processes. While marketing is busy targeting customers with offers, sales is trying to build relationships or generate revenue, and service is working to minimize costs while maximizing satisfaction. Few or none of their efforts are integrated, so the company never achieves a 360-degree view of the customer. In comes ONEview with a specific focus on your maintenance business – your renewals, contracts, and warranties.

    Without the full view of your customer’s assets and upcoming activities such as renewal dates and warranty expirations, you don’t have the data and visibility to anticipate customer needs and behavior to respond with the right strategies and offers that drive sales and build long-term relationships. Just as bad, customers experience a fragmented view of your brand.

    Customer engagement platform

    The solution to customer engagement is a single platform that integrates all customer data relating to maintaining your customer base - contracts, renewal dates, and warranties. MMI’s ONEview unifies all customer-facing processes, giving the customer a single view of their assets with your company, and your company a single view of the customer.

    This platform must have the capacity to capture huge volumes of structured and unstructured customer data and dynamically analyze it in real time. It must enable you to not only understand your customers, but also analyze their past behaviors to anticipate future desires—so that regardless of where they are in the buying journey, you can respond with the offers and actions that engage them and give them the experience of their choice.

    Of course, while technology can help drive the integration of marketing, sales, and service, it’s not a panacea. Integrating siloed functions also typically requires change management to evolve mindsets from function-focused to customer-focused. Fundamentally, it requires a shift from an inside-out to an outside-in view of your operations and your value proposition. You need to view your company from the perspective of “a day in the life of your customers”—their needs, their wants, their frustrations, and the drivers for why they choose to interact with your brand.

    Industry-specific, customer-centric

    Every industry needs to approach customer engagement differently. Your customer engagement platform needs to be customizable to meet your industry-specific needs.

    In the consumer products space, coffee machine maker Nespresso is delivering a seamless experience in stores, on its e-commerce Web site, through its mobile app, and in its call center. According to CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin, Nespresso can deliver “the ultimate coffee experience” in part by maintaining “a direct dialogue with our consumers and Club Members.”

    In telecommunications, T-Mobile is capturing mindshare and translating it directly to revenue by emphasizing consistency across channels, with a particular focus on social media. For example, the company responds rapidly to customers or prospects who ask questions or express dissatisfaction in social channels. T-Mobile can point to a growing number of social media engagements that have resulted in new and retained customers.

    Professional services companies are also transforming how they engage with their clients. For instance, Ernst & Young is bringing all client interactions into a central platform to more easily serve as a trusted advisor to their clients.

    Companies that understand how their customers interact with them and act upon that information, will find the Holy Grail of customer engagement and can capture the market.

    As you may have discovered from your detailed research of systems compatible to your needs, there are not a lot of Cloud-based asset management packages on the market. There are even less with self-service, portal, or the capability to automate processes in minutes where in the past the ability to monitor the timing of renewals and equipment replacement cycles, and generate leads to drive new equipment sales and/or conversion renewal revenues while increasing client satisfaction would have taken days and weeks and require a lot of resources.

    We are finding that the strongest partners for us are companies that already recognize they have now, or soon will, outgrow their current system; and they usually know why. Most systems only record or register what has been done. They don’t help guide or automate key functions.

    Growth in existing customer sales is one of the best ways to judge a company’s offerings. ‘Offering’ meaning the product, services, sales methods, marketing, and overall customer experience. Current customer growth provides the fuel or funds for more resources (engineers, customer service, sales, accounting, marketing dollars, etc.). Resources, when focused properly, can lead to more sales. The cycle continues and your company grows. But your company has to be distinctive in some way (innovation, customer service, total customer experience, price, etc.).

    Clearly with your leadership of this project and the right technology partner, significant growth can be realized through increased efficiencies. Wouldn’t you agree?