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    Disruptive Technology and Enhancing the Customer Experience

    April 22, 2015

    What is meant by disruptive technology?

    Cisco CEO, John Chambers, has a message for the business world. Disrupt yourself or risk being disrupted by the competition. The speed of change is a key message in today’s world. Even the most Creating Recurring IT Service Revenuepowerful company in the world knows they have to move dramatically or risk getting left behind.
    Changes start with companies being more agile and more willing to partner with companies who build systems and processes to accommodate that change. The challenge for many organizations is getting people out of their comfort zones and embrace change (often disruptive technology). A comfort zone may be a beautiful place but nothing grows there.

    MMI brings new technology to the market place that delivers, what they call, “the big win” – enhancing the customer experience. Ingram Director, Jason Hernandez commented, “we find that equipment replacement cycles are time consuming, labor intensive, and often neglected for Ingram and our channel partners. MMI solutions simplify and streamline the entire process of managing IT assets, warranties, and service contracts.”

    MMI’s family of products and services are now incorporated into the strategy that enhances the customer experience of its partners. The value of dramatically reducing the administrative costs of managing IT assets and their support contracts, while increasing efficiencies is a game change for their customers. MMI technology enables its partners to increase recurring revenues, acquire new customers, and keeps the competition out of their existing accounts.

    Driving value is at the epicenter of the adoption of new technology and practices. Organizations must quickly develop the capabilities to execute this critical approach to the market place. What is the challenge? Getting your people to enhance this type of disruptive technology – working with an organization who can deploy systems and processes that enables change. A comfort zone may be a beautiful place but nothing grows there.