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The Benefits of ESD Programs – And How MMI Helped A Major IT Distributor Launch One

The technology industry is no stranger to change. But in the IT channel – where manufacturers’, distributors’ and resellers’ success is often interdependent – organizations need to evolve together.

Why Automated Quoting Solutions Are the Secret to Enviable Service Contract Renewal Rates

Manually managing the IT contract renewal lifecycle comes with an avalanche of consequences. Beyond wasting valuable time and manpower, outdated contract management processes prevent IT organizations from reaching their full revenue potential.

Disruptive Technology and Enhancing the Customer Experience

What is meant by disruptive technology?

Cisco CEO, John Chambers, has a message for the business world. Disrupt yourself or risk being disrupted by the competition. The speed of change is a key message in today’s world. Even the most powerful company in the world knows they have to move dramatically or risk getting left behind. Changes start with companies being more agile and more willing to[...]

SaaS vs. Build it Yourself (BIY)

Industry analyst Forrester Research notes that while SaaS adoption has so far been concentrated mostly in human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM), collaboration software (e.g., email), and procurement solutions - it is poised to widen.

Intelligent Contract Management Solutions - Addressing the Challenge

Savvy companies are beginning to capitalize on the maintenance contract opportunity by employing intelligent contract management solutions. These unique tools gather critical service and asset data from all applicable applications, databases, spreadsheets and reports in a repeatable, predictable process and provide a consolidated view of that data to users. To turn this information into true[...]

Reconsider, Refresh, and Reap the Advantage: Use Big Data to Transform Warranty and Maintenance Business

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