MMI: A Company Representing Women in Technology

Managed Maintenance, Inc. staff is largely comprised of women, including a mostly female leadership team. In the U.S. technology business world, where women in IT jobs are only at 25% and in tech companies executive positions at 11%, it makes MMI a company at the forefront of gender diversity in the technology world.

Our co-founder, President and CEO, Tina Lux-Boim, has spent more than 15 years in the technology industry, with expertise in Hardware Maintenance and Software Licensing. Prior to founding MMI, she ran two business units at a major provider of IT infrastructure solutions. Tina has been recognized as one of the top Women of the Channel in 2010 and 2011. Other members of our executive team are Claire Millsap and Lina Sosa.

Lina is MMI’s VP of Business Execution, overseeing daily business execution and managing the associated staff. She has extensive experience in sales and marketing for the technology Business Partner channel. Claire is our Channel Business Development Executive, responsible for MMI’s sales methodology. Prior to joining our company, she worked with an IBM Business Partner managing maintenance contracts and renewals.

Additional members of management are in Human Resources, Marketing and Finance, as well as in supervisory capacities and team leadership. In total, women account for 73% of MMI’s workforce.

It is interesting to note that women have been present in the IT world from the very first general purpose, electronic computer, ENIAC. Its 6 programmers were all women. Also, statistics have shown that:

  1. Technology companies with more women on their management teams have 34% higher return on investment.
  2. The presence of women on technology teams increase the team’s problem solving ability and creativity.
  3. Start-ups run by women use less capital and are more likely to survive the transition to established company.

According to the National Chapter for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) statistics “Having gender diversity in the workplace expands the qualified talent pool, improves the bottom line, enhances innovation and promotes quality”.

As a largely female staffed technology company, we are proud to be part of these statistics. The women at Managed Maintenance, along with the rest of our team, bring a wealth of knowledge in the technology field that continues to make us a successful and growing enterprise.

Statistical information thanks to Women in Technology International (WITI) and the National Chapter for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT)
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