MMI Employees Share Business New Year’s Resolutions

As the end of the first month of 2012 approaches, we at MMI asked our employees to share any business related New Year’s resolutions they had made. Here is what some of them had to say:

ADAM – “Establish better communications internally and nourish a learning environment.  I have succeed in training the IBM team on the new ONEview 2.0 and will continue to engage my team members so we can all benefit from what we learn”

CELESTE – “Educate more IBM TSLs, SDMs and/or DPMs on MMI’s value”. I have tasked myself to send out an email next week to all of my present TSL’s, inquiring who will be taking on any account of mine … I plan on coordinating a conference call with all present and impending TSL’s, SDMs and DPMs to educate any new comers, and to get feedback from the IBMers who have history with MMI”

LILLIAM – “Work more on our CRM system”

EILEEN – “Making an effort not to impose my opinions on others. Just because I have them, doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear them. – Sadly, thus far, it has been dismal”

LINA – “I will implement a quarterly goal system in which we will track and measure our Team goals as well as our individual goals. This will help us hold each other accountable and ensure that we meet them”

TRACY – “Moving forward I want to learn more about all of the other offerings at MMI. Get better understanding of the jobs of the IBM/Partner programs. Learn more about Arrow/IBM projects to help in making suggestions that could grow our business”

Whether for business or personal, New Year’s resolutions are a good way to “kick off” a new direction. From the responses received, MMI’s staff seems headind towards improvement in the workplace. What are your employees doing to improve and better your business?

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