Manage Maintenance is a young company that strives to obtain customer’s and employee’s feedback in an effort to continuously improve operations, both externally and internally. Recently, management asked the employees to voluntarily write something about their job and some reasons that make MMI a good place to work.

 The one common denominator in the responses received is the satisfaction the individual gets from solving customers’ problems and alleviating their workload. Adam, one of our contract managers stated: “I’m excited when I’m able to earn the customer’s trust that helps them make intelligent business decisions, quickly allowing my customers to spend more time on their primary roles”. Another contract manager, Rita, said: “My personal satisfaction and joy of work comes from being able to solve problems on both sides, and the personal communication, respect and even friendships between myself, IBM and their customers”.

Another aspect our employees enjoy is the culturally diverse, family oriented environment. The MMI “family” components are people that represent nations from all over the globe, helping one another in order to achieve the goals of the company, with an open-door policy management, and flexible work-time hours that allow the staff to customize their schedule to fit the needs of their own families. “The managers and co-workers at MMI are extremely helpful and exemplify a work ethic I am proud to be a part of. My most important role is being a mother, and for me MMI is an ideal place to work because it offers the flexibility I need . . . I particularly enjoy the “family” atmosphere of our environment”, wrote Alyssa, our receptionist. And Celeste, contract manger, stated: “We are a team, an extended family.  All ready and willing to work hard, and assist one another . . . During lunchtime, you can take in the aroma of foods from all over the world”.

Personal fulfillment and a multicultural family atmosphere are combined with a great training program that makes it unnecessary to have prior experience in the particular industry, as Celeste wrote: “Having knowledge of our industry isn’t necessary, as we have a state-of-the-art training program. This program has been built by the entire team”. This is a true example how everyone in the company works together and assists others to ensure everyone success.

In a recession economy, where recent surveys have identified less that 50% of the US as being satisfied with their employers, it is rewarding to learn that MMI received such positive feedback from its people.

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