How to Place a Successful IBM Service Call

Having maintenance contracts for your business’ computer equipment ensures that when a problem occurs it is promptly corrected so there is minimal disruption to your operations.  However, placing calls for technical support can be very frustrating, but  if you are prepared with the pertinent information, chances are you will have a successful support call, and problem resolution. If you are dealing with IBM for your equipment service, the following are some tips that will help you to efficiently place your service call.

Before calling 1-800- IBMServ have the following information ready:

  • Machine type & serial number
  • Contract number
  • Copy of Schedule of Services
  • Bios and Firmware versions (if applicable)
  • Other related info such as error messages and/or logs

Initially, you will be speaking with an IBM remote technical support representative. The representative will help diagnose your hardware problem. If unable to find a solution, technical support will help create a plan to resolve the problem, including recommending parts (if appropriate).

Should you still need to escalate the issue and it is after office hours, ask for the National Duty Manager.

Having all the pertinent information, prior to placing the call, will make it easier for the support staff to locate the information for your machine and expedite problem resolution. The result should be a successful and easier support call experience.

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