Managing Service Pak Expiration Dates on Hardware / Software Service Support – The Case for Switching to IBM Service Elite

In today’s growing technological environment, end users are purchasing more and more equipment, and this presents them with the problem of tracking multiple expiration dates.  For this reason, one ‘hot topic’ in the IBM community is tracking Service Pac renewals.  Service Pac’s were created by IBM for opportunities that had few machines, so the increased volume makes it increasingly cumbersome to track all the individual expiration dates.

Managed Maintenance believes the solution to this growing problem is to have “Service Elite Contracts” to handle anything maintenance.

Service Elite is a simplified, single contracting package for hardware and software service support that consolidates your terms and services. It supports unlimited number of machines and services, with the entitlement processed on the contract instead of on the individual machine.

Using Service Elite Contracts you no longer need to track multiple expiration dates. You only manage one contract with one expiration date. It is an easier, simple approach to effectively keep up with your maintenance renewals.

For more information, watch our video where you can see MMI’s Lilliam Contreras discuss the topic of IBM Service Pac vs. IBM Service Elite.

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