What is a Service Maintenance Contract?


Increasingly, over the years, our business world has become more and more reliant on technology. IT systems are an important aspect of any business,
providing most of the functionality to run daily operations. When components in the system fail, many business process can come to a halt, and the downtime can result in a substantial loss of revenue for the company. This is why many companies must purchase equipment with warranties; however, they do not necessarily buy a maintenance contract. The thought behind it is that the warranty covers the same things a maintenance contract would, however, that is not always the case.

 A maintenance contract covers a lot more than a manufacturer warranty provides. The manufacturer warranties their product to be free of defect during a specified period of time. Should something happen to the equipment, the manufacturer often has no set time frame to respond to the customer’s call or get parts to the customer site, nor responsibility for installation of those parts – it is usually up to the customer. This is where a service maintenance contract becomes invaluable.

The maintenance contract may offer hardware replacement, software upgrades, system backups, and system administration, repair on-site or remote access. It specifies response time and length of contract, and most providers make the contracts fully customizable to meet the customer’s need.

While not all business systems need a service maintenance contract, ones that are essential to everyday operations should definitively have one. With a service maintenance contract you secure timely service response and parts from the provider, while selecting the level of coverage based on the critical nature of the system’s performance. If your business cannot afford being down for 24 hours or more, a maintenance contract is vital to your operations.

So, if you want to ensure your company’s downtime due to system’s malfunction is minimal, dot not rely on the manufacturer warranty alone – a service maintenance contract is your best option.

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