Four Steps to Creating Intelligent View of Your Client’s Enterprise

Business ResearchOne of the keys to increasing maintenance contract revenues is to understand your customers’ needs and to get a complete view of their enterprise. Although it may seem like a daunting task, these four steps will ensure you do not miss any opportunity available.

Step One: Discovery - Implement an effective process. During discovery, you want to:    

  •  Understand methods and procedures in the enterprise
  •  Understand the areas where the customer has problems
  •  Review compliance regulations
  •  Determine a financial baseline

The discovery process will assist you when comparing your customer’s business process with those of the industry’s best practices.

Step Two: Data Collection - When collecting data, put together:

  •  A study of each individual contract as well as all items on warranty
  •  A study of equipment without warranty or maintenance
  •  Verify all contracted, paid and available Software Maintenance as well as other related Services
  •   Integrate financial data into these reports

Step Three: Analysis – During analysis:

  •     Review areas needing improvement,
  •     Identify services that the customer might or might not need
  •     Identify ways of saving your customer money.

After conducting an examination of your customer’s enterprise, collecting and analyzing the data, you are ready for the final step.

Step Four: Recommendations – Compile your findings into a simple Assessment that describes your findings and recaps your analysis. Also, taking into consideration what you found to be your customer’s concerns and needs, provide thoughtful recommendations that are in alignment with the customer’s expectations.

By taking these steps you will get an intelligent view of your clients’ enterprise and be able to help them better managed their maintenance contracts and renewals, while finding additional opportunities for your business.

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