Why your business needs a contract management solution

You have your dream job. You own your own business; you provide a much needed service for the technology community in your local vicinity and possibly on a regional scale. The problem is, you have noticed that you are spending much more money than you would like, trying to keep up with the expiring service contracts, and you are unable to renew them before they expire.

You don’t want to pay someone more money to have to go out and sell those same service contracts again, if you can simply catch them ten, thirty, sixty, even ninety days before they are supposed to expire, then you could just put in a phone call to the company or individual who the service contract is with, and renew it yourself.

What you are looking for is a service contract management solution. You are in luck, Managed Maintenance does just that, Managed Maintenance will help you keep up with all of your service contracts with the customers that you are currently working with, while also keeping track of your service contract leads for future sales.

Managed Maintenance will help you streamline your service contract information, into one-easy to locate and intuitive solution called “ONEview”. With ONEview you will no longer have to wonder who you should be calling to renew service contracts with, or who needs to purchase a new revised service contract because the one that they have is simply outdated.

Managed Maintenance can even help you keep track of all the important information on the actual assets you are providing to the companies in your network. Managed Maintenance provides ONEview which keeps up with information such as serial numbers, service contract records, locations of the assets themselves, and individual maintenance records. If there comes a time where you will need to lease an asset to another company, or even sell it to someone in the private sector, you will find this information is very important when attempting to sell it for the most money possible.

Once you have implemented a successful contract management solution such as ONEview, you will wonder how in the world you’ve been in business all of these years without it. Managed Maintenance is going to help you keep the revenue you have, as well as continue to grow and improve the revenue you will have tomorrow.

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