Warranty Management made easy with ONEview

If you are in a business that offers warranty contracts as a big portion of your revenue, then you will want to have some sort of warranty management software in your set of tools for your business. One such software is Managed Maintenance, Inc.’s own "ONEview" software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. This software will not only help you keep track of all of your warranty contracts, but also allow you to see at a glance which contracts are coming up for renewal. Your business will have the opportunity to set reminder timeframes to whatever suits your needs best. If you need sixty days to have everything ready in order to help your clients renew, then you simply set it at a sixty day reminder.

Having a warranty management system such as ONEview is simply the best option when your business’ livelihood depends on it. Do you really want to take the chance that you will be able to remember in three years that the warranty contract you wrote up and finalized two months ago, is ready for renewal? Maybe you have to add something special to that particular contract in order to secure the business, do you feel confident that you will remember that extra maintenance call you added at a discounted rate, or possibly even free? You can be sure that the client will have the contract out and ready as soon as you miss one scheduled service call, so having ONEview to help you be prepared, and take care of your customers the way you promised them that you would is an advantage.

Clients are not going to want to hear that you forgot about a visit, or lost the paper work related to their account. They will respect you more, and you will earn their repeat business by being prompt and remembering all of the details of the contract you wrote for them. ONEview is quite possibly the answer you will need in your quest for quality warranty management. You will be thanking yourself for making such a great decision when you get that reminder three years from now, about that extra service visit you added to that contract two months ago.

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ABOUT MANAGED MAINTENANCE, INC. – MMI, the maintenance supply chain market leader, allows manufacturers (OEM’s), channel business partners, distributors and service providers the ability to monitor the timing of renewals and equipment replacement cycles, and generate leads to drive new equipment sales and/or conversion renewal revenues, while increasing client satisfaction.  MMI enables end-users to better manage the entire life cycle of their service and maintenance contracts, thereby reducing the cost of procurement and increasing the revenue opportunity to the supply chain.

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