The Importance of Maintenance Contract Management

If you are in an industry or business where maintenance contracts generate most of your income, then you know the importance of keeping those contracts in order, up to date, and the information that they hold, available to you at all times. You want to be sure that you are not letting any of the maintenance contracts you were able to sell last year, lapse this year, without trying to renew the contracts with the end-user or customer. Your company may even be selling maintenance contracts to one company who is in turn, selling them to the final contract holder. You need a way to maintain maintenance contracts at all times. You will want to be able to find the contracts that are up for renewal within the next ninety, sixty, thirty, and even ten days, so that you can put in a call and sell that contract renewal.

What you need is a maintenance contract management company such as Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI) on your side. MMI has the technology that will help you keep track of all of your maintenance contract information, in one place, readily accessible when you need it.
MMI will inform you of contracts that are approaching expiration, and via consulting – guide you in the manner in which you should go about retaining that contract to secure future revenue for your company. You will save revenue by hiring MMI, who specializes in this type of service, as opposed to having a part of your team try to accomplish this and end up falling short, instead use them where their talents are most needed.

Maintenance contract management companies such as Managed Maintenance, Inc. are there to help you with every aspect of the maintenance contract business side of your company. MMI will come into your company, evaluate your specific services that you provide, and then go about deciding which of their services will best fit your needs. You will need to participate in the business analysis portion; however, it is a painless process and can take a little as a few weeks to get you up and running with a new maintenance contract management solution.

For more information on how MMI can help your company manage its maintenance contracts, contact us today for a free consulation and demo!

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